Connect to your Data.

Modern Enterprise Integration framework, scalable and resilient. Connect to any data source and receive real-time data feeds to make a focal point for decision making in your organization.

Rich Information

Make informed decisions with historical & real time data.

Kojiki can help answer the toughest questions about retention, growth, and engagement using any public or private data source.

Any frequency

Simultaneously display real-time data feeds / broadcasts and aggregated historical data.

Multiple sources

Aggregate and display information from any number of sources, all in one place.

Custom metrics

Choose from any one of the most common business metrics, or define your own, including targets or threshold amounts.

Secure & flexible

Your sensitive data is fully encrypted at all times, and can even run completely within your existing network.

High Praise

We liked it so much that we needed to have it.

John Smith

Connect to Change

Start making data-driven decisions.

Improved Customer Experience

Gaining insight on your customer's activities and needs drives improved satisfaction and reduced churn.

Directed Marketing

See which customers are using which products, and predict which additional services they are likely to buy.

Operational Excellence

Monitor quality-of-service violations, track resolution progress, and watch for problem clusters or trends.

Cross Department Integration

Link to different systems in different departments for a single, combined view of your entire business.

Reduce OPEX and CAPEX

Most customers require no new hardware, and maintenance upgrades are included at no additional cost.

Empower Your Team

Give every team member access to the information that will help them succeed.

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